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Counseling Services

Maura Rohde, M.S., LPC, provides individual counsling to teenagers and adults both online and in person.

​I am experienced in helping clients work through many challenging issues, including:

  • relationship issues

  • separation/divorce

  • trauma

  • life transitions

  • sexual orientation

  • gender identity

  • grief and loss

I can help.

Counseling is a process designed to help you address your concerns and problems, come to a deeper understanding of yourself, develop greater insight into your life and choices, and learn effective personal and interpersonal skills. Counseling has been shown to have many benefits. It may lead to better relationships, solutions to specific issues, a significant reduction in feelings of distress, and a happier life.

In my practice I work with individual adults and adolescents. I also work with couples. Areas of clinical expertise include depression, anxiety, panic, relationship issues, separation/divorce, trauma, life transitions, sexual orientation, gender identity, grief and loss, women's topics, and cross-cultural issues.

How do you work with clients? 

In my work with clients, I typically make use of insight-oriented talk therapy, as well as a variety of supportive modalities including cognitive-behavioral interventions, mindfulness, and guided imagery. I believe that counseling is a highly collaborative process between the therapist and the client, and I will tailor my work with you to respond to your individual needs and wants within your unique life context.

How often do you meet with clients and for what period of time?

I typically meet with individual clients one to two times per week for 50-minute sessions. I meet with couples one time per week for sessions that last 60 minutes or longer. Sessions are typically scheduled on the same day and time each week, but more flexible arrangement are also available. When a client is in crisis, additional sessions may be arranged on short notice. Length of treatment varies with each client. Depending on your goals and participation, therapy may help you feel somewhat better in a few weeks, though deeper change will take a longer period of time.

What will happen at our initial session?

It is essential that you work with a counselor with whom you feel comfortable. At the first session, we will begin to get to know each other and get a feel as to whether or not we would work well together. This is an initial opportunity for you to tell me about your reasons for wanting to start counseling at this time, as well as for you to ask questions you might have for me. If for whatever reason you would like to find a different counselor, I would be happy to provide you with a list of referrals to other English-speaking mental health professionals in the surrounding area. 

Do you offer online services?

Along with offering counseling services at my two office locations, I also offer online services. Online counseling is often a good option for those with demanding schedules, frequent travel requirements, physical limitations due to illness, or home locations without easy access to traditional counseling. Many of my clients have found it easier to engage in counseling thanks to the convenience that online counseling affords. A secure Internet connection and a private space in your home or office is all that you need. Please contact me for more information about online services.

What is your professional fee?

My current fee is €100 per 50-minute individual session. Payment is required at each session.

Although I do not take part in any insurance panels or the Krankenkasse, some international health insurance companies reimburse all or a portion of my fee; it is recommended that you check with your own health insurance company to determine their reimbursement policies. At your request, I will provide you with a receipt that you may submit directly to your health insurance company.

I have a limited number of reduced fee slots with a sliding scale based on family income. I would be happy to discuss this with potential clients who may not be able to meet the full fee.

Online Services
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