Cross-Cultural Issues

Are you currently living abroad and facing the challenges of adapting to a new culture and language?


Are you experiencing emotions or behaviors in your host culture that are out of character for you?


Are you feeling as though you have somehow lost yourself in this latest move? 


I can help.

One of my specialties is working with clients who have had or are preparing to have cross-cultural experiences, meaning individuals who have lived abroad in the past, are currently living abroad, or are planning to live abroad in the near future. Such experiences offer incredible opportunities for personal growth, but they also present unique challenges and vulnerabilities. The term “cross-cultural issues” refers to these opportunities, challenges and vulnerabilities.


How do you address the needs of clients dealing with cross-cultural issues?

Through counseling and consultation, I help clients find practical ways to overcome some of the daily challenges they may be facing—whether it be learning a new language, adapting to a new climate, or myriad other challenges. I encourage clients to reflect on, and evaluate, their changing roles—both personal and professional—and their relationships with family members and friends. I work with clients to identify areas of potential and actual struggle and explore ways to facilitate smoother transitions. I also help clients examine their evolving identity and any shifts they may be experiencing in their values, beliefs and viewpoints. Finally, I assist clients in exploring the options and choices that will help make their time abroad or their reentry into their home culture a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.


Please note:
Although a certain degree of negative emotion is to be expected in relation to both culture shock and reentry, unattended symptoms of depression and anxiety may reach a clinical level, leaving you impaired and unable to help yourself. Moreover, pre-existing mental health issues may intensify while living abroad. Please do not wait to contact me or another mental health care professional in any of these cases; it is essential that you promptly receive the professional support that you need.

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